A study on various products and

Complete Overview Between part-time jobs, endless classes, and filling out applications for killer summer internships, most college students rarely have time to study.

A study on various products and

Complete Overview Between part-time jobs, endless classes, and filling out applications for killer summer internships, most college students rarely have time to study.

Many are expert procrastinators who put things off until the last minute. When exam time comes, they resort to using study drugs to enhance their focus and productivity.

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For some students, the temptation to take a quick fix to power through increases when the workload becomes endless. Students find it easy to take study drugs when they get overwhelmed by college life.

Some pop Ritalin the night before a tough exam while others take Adderall to stay focused. What could be wrong with them?

Even if a drug helps you to function better in your daily life, it can still have serious side effects. By the way, if you are here just to learn about the growing popular types of various study drugs that are becoming more and more mainstream, and the like, you can just click here to skip down to that part of this page.

You can also quickly see all the different types of study drugs by going to the study drugs list section. For the top alternatives to abusing study drugs, you can click here. See all the various categories by going to the menu part of this site, but only if you are on a desktop or laptop view.

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What Are Study Drugs? Study Drugs refer to the out-of-accordance use of prescription stimulants like Ritalin, Vyvanse, and Adderall to increase mental focus when studying.

When used without a prescription, however, they can be dangerous. But despite the risks, 1 in 5 college students use study drugs to get a short-term energy boost to plow through the dreaded all-nighters.

A study conducted by the University of Maryland back in showed that after alcohol and marijuana, Adderall is the most readily available drug in college campuses.

Students think that smart drugs are better than street drugs but this is far from the truth.

A study on various products and

The drugs are highly addictive and have effects similar to street drugs. In many colleges, there is no black market for smart drugs because they are easily accessible. Students obtain them in two ways: The popular study drugs that are used by college students for studying include Adderall, Ritalin, and Vyvanse.

College students state that these study drugs help them focus. Do Study Drugs Boost Memory? College students who take study drugs often tout that the drugs have provided them with beneficial results so it is no wonder that more college students are turning to study drugs to provide a temporary mental boost.Study Skills Articles.

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