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Not so much those claiming to be in Christ, but teaching a different Gospel. There are a few exceptions, but for the most part, I have not crossed the line to pointing fingers at professing Christians. However, there is certainly a need to keep Christian's alert about the false teachers in our midst. Especially in this age where discernment is lacking due to an over-arching ignorance about what is truth and what is error.

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I was not aware of what was stolen. I am not much interested in sports figures. I do know that in some countries theft is dealt with much more severely than it is in America and people visiting these nations should be aware of this.

Unfortunately so few Americans are aware. I am thinking this young man and or men are lucky this did not happen in certain Muslim nations. This father seems to have a big ego. The father strikes me as a sort of Prima donna. Like they are sitting on the only one in town.

The stupidity of members of an American sports team going to a foreign country and so carrying on like one is part of a street gang of entitled thugs is astonishing to me. Both the son and the father do not seem to realize that they have severely misrepresented America in a foreign country and to a foreign people.

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The father reflects to me a waste of education and civilization I hate such entitlement thinking and values. I am thinking here that the apple not far from the tree.

The only ones giving him kuddos are the liberals It figures. Remember what it says in Galatians chapter And it is trying to pass for excellence today. What you see here is the fruit of this other religion It is clearly a counterfeit religion.

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Do any of you know the name of the counterfeiter??? And this explains why this is the very antithesis of Good in this land and amongst our people.Nov 26,  · Survival almost always requires thinking outside the box - the very antithesis of retreating to ones comfort zone (physically and mentally).

Survivors need to be tough - the world will throw more at you than words you don't want to read. If someone who disagrees with you is unsettling then you need to adopt a different perspective.

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Articles of the Antithesis--a blog contrasting Calvinism with Humanism--for Christian living in God's world. By H. David Schuringa, Ph.D. FLCL is another Spiritual Antithesis to Evangelion, also created by the same people - according to rumors, many people who just finished working on End of Evangelion felt down and wanted to create something crazy and optimistic to cheer themselves up.

Analysis: If good, why do I yield to that suggestion An antithesis is a contrast or opposition between two things. Shakespeare uses antithesis throughout Macbeth, and one in his first soliloquy. Powered by Create your own unique website with customizable templates. Sep 25,  · Which is why Dream Theater was so appealing in , because they weren't wasn't hair metal or grunge, or alt rock or anything the least bit trendy at the time.

Despite being a 90's band, they were the antithesis of just about everything else going on with 90's music. Nov 03,  · My post is the antithesis of yours.

Your post is from the Engineers perspective. My post is from a riders perspective. That was the point of my post. Neither is right or wrong and I was not trying to invalidate, just providing a different perspective. Powered by vBulletin.

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