Autism as a minority group

This is according to a new study published in The Journal of Special Education. In the study, researchers figured out a risk index — a percentage of all enrolled students from a racial group with a specific disability. The index was based on data collected by the federal government from to regarding students in special education.

Autism as a minority group

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Phenotypic differences in the presentation of childhood AD in minority groups may indicate etiologic heterogeneity or different thresholds for diagnosis. Children born in Los Angeles County with a primary AD diagnosis at ages 3 to 5 years during — were identified and linked to — California birth certificates children with AD from a cohort of 1 births.

We identified a subgroup of children with AD and a secondary diagnosis of mental retardation and investigated heterogeneity in language and behavior.

Future studies need to examine factors related to nativity and migration that may play a role in the etiology as well as identification and diagnosis of AD in children. More comorbid intellectual disability and delays in expressive language have been observed among Hispanic and African American children.

Autism as a minority group

What This Study Adds: Maternal nativity is a risk factor for childhood autism in US populations. We focused our investigation on children born and diagnosed in Los Angeles LA County, California, a highly diverse metropolitan region home to black in16 Hispanic 4.

Methods We studied children born to mothers who resided in LA County, California, between and California birth certificates also asked Hispanic mothers to identify their ethnic ancestry and specified country of origin for several Asian and Latin American nations and US territories.

Asian ethnic ancestry for US-born mothers was available, but investigating AD in US-born Asians by country of origin was not possible due to small numbers cases among 21 births.

Referrals to regional centers are made according to residential address by pediatricians, other clinical providers, and schools; parents can also self-refer their children. During our study period, DDS services were available to all children free of charge irrespective of income, type of health insurance, or immigration status.

California published guidelines in to establish a comprehensive diagnostic evaluation for ASD that encompasses the following: From DDS evaluation records, we identified 4 subgroups with overlap between language and behavior subtypes, measured by caregiver interview, observation, or demonstration First, we adjusted for maternal age, the strongest known risk factor.

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Third, we adjusted for maternal education and insurance type, which was previously observed to be a reasonable indicator of socioeconomic status SES. Additional adjustment for regional center changed the risk of AD only for children of US-born black mothers in a substantive manner and suggested an increased risk.Our understanding of the influence of maternal race/ethnicity and nativity and childhood autistic disorder (AD) in African Americans/blacks, Asians, and Hispanics in the United States is limited.

Phenotypic differences in the presentation of childhood AD in minority groups may indicate etiologic heterogeneity or different thresholds for diagnosis.

The overall risk of being categorized as having autism increased for all racial groups over that time period, from percent to percent. However, white students were twice as likely to be identified as having an autism spectrum disorder as students who were Hispanic or American Indian/Alaska Native.

A new study suggests the symptoms of autism in toddlers from a minority background are more significant than those noted in age-equivalent Caucasian children.

The investigation was the first prospective study of ethnic differences in the symptoms of autism among toddlers.

Autism as a minority group

Minority group status is also categorical in nature: an individual who exhibits the physical or behavioral characteristics of a given minority group will be accorded the status of that group and be subject to the same treatment as other members of that minority group.

Sep 23,  · The group was as diverse as the autism spectrum itself, including nonspeaking adults who used letter boards to communicate, an urban planner who worked at the Los Angeles International Airport, and the late photographer Dan Asher, who chronicled the early days of punk and reggae in New York City while hanging out with novelist William Burroughs in his bunker on the Lower East Side.

Clinicians are underdiagnosing autism in children from low-income families and minority groups — setting back their potential to benefit from therapy. That’s the upshot of two studies presented this week at the International Meeting for Autism Research in Baltimore.

Autism Detection Is Delayed in Minorities