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Aalto T, Juurola E.

Bao tongs essays online

The author, a leading theorist of warfare, explains why it is of crucial importance that Western countries should continue to apply traditional ethical rules and practices in war, even when engaging with international terrorist groups.

The book uses the work of the late American philosopher Richard Rorty to explain the need to Bao tongs essays online ethical rules central to the conduct of military operations. It ends with a discussion of other key challenges to the ethics of war, such as the rise of private security companies and the use of robots in war.

In exploring these issues, this book seeks to place ethics at the centre of debates about the conduct of future warfare. This book will be of great interest to all students of military ethics, war studies, military history and strategic studies in general, and to military colleges in particular.

He is the author of many books on war, most recently The Warrior Ethos Routledge The CIS facilitates research into many different aspects of the international community and produces interdisciplinary research into the international system as it experiences the forces of globalisation.

As the capacity of domestic change to produce global consequences increases, so does the need to explore areas which cannot be confined within a single discipline or area of study. The series hopes to focus on the impact of cultural changes on foreign relations, the role of strategy and foreign policy and the impact of international law and human rights on global politics.

It is intended to cover all aspects of foreign policy, including the historical and contemporary forces of empire and imperialism, the importance of domestic links to the international roles of states and non-state actors, Bao tongs essays online in Europe, and the relationship between development studies, international political economy and regional actors on a comparative basis, but is happy to include any aspect of the international with an interdisciplinary aspect.

No part of this book may be reprinted or reproduced or utilised in any form or by any electronic, mechanical, or other means, now known or hereafter invented, including photocopying and recording, or in any information storage or retrieval system, without permission in writing from the publishers.

War—Moral and ethical aspects. War on Terrorism, I. Ethics and war in the 21st century. The war that has taken my life, and many thousands of others before me.

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It is amoral, unlawful, and an atrocity … 1 These were the opening words of a letter left at home by an American soldier, to be opened if he did not return.

They were the first words his parents read after they were told he had died in the field. Every war, we are told, is an atrocity. Even to suggest that it can be moral — or teach moral lessons — seems quite perverse to many people. All killing is atrocious, but that in itself does not delegitimise war.

To understand war, writes Dave Grossman in his seminal book On Killing, we must understand the protocols of atrocity. When we go to war we try to reduce them to a minimum.

We even have etiquettes prescribing what we can and cannot do in order to distinguish the act of killing from the act of murder as sharply as possible. When we kill we are expected to do so proportionately and within reason. We are not allowed to kill indiscriminately.

As for those we take prisoner, we are rule-bound to keep them alive until they can be repatriated at the end of hostilities. Such protocols are as old as recorded history.

Bao tongs essays online

They can be traced back to the ancient Egyptians. They cross the barriers of culture as well as time. I discovered this at first hand when I attended a conference in Norfolk, Virginia in However, the term was applied to those hybrid operations which, in the case of Iraq and Afghanistan, the x Preface US and UK have found themselves fighting and for which they discovered that they were largely unprepared.

Following my talk, a senior British general came up to me. British and American strategic cultures are very different. The two armies have operated in separate theatres of operation in Iraq. This has mitigated the clash between two very different operational cultures and their very different ideas about the practice of war.

The general was right to highlight one of the central differences between the two societies. Since the s and Northern Ireland not, I would hazard, necessarily beforethe British Army has tended to put ethics at the centre of its operational doctrines.

Perhaps this was largely because Northern Ireland was not a foreign country, but part of the UK.

Some of the harsher policies the British had pursued in their colonial campaigns — from Malaya to Kenya — could hardly be repeated in the UK itself.

Not that the army did not, from time to time, find itself accused of criminal behaviour. But ethical practices are not confined to any one military culture; they inhere in the nature of war itself.

In recent years ethical practices have been given added urgency in counter-insurgency operations which are probably the most demanding of all.tongs = metal files = lathe = druids = priests.

bogs = hurl a spear. wield a sword. mead = bards = Source. Ethics and War in the 21st Century Ethics and War in the 21st Century explores the ethical implications of war in the contemporary world.

The author, a leading theorist of warfare, explains why it is of crucial importance that Western countries should continue to apply traditional ethical rules and practices in war, even when engaging with international terrorist groups.

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