Basketball in nova scotia in the past 30 years

Elite Skills Coach, Darnell Ford! In addition to all of this, we will focus on confidence, mental toughness, hard work, smart work, and other intangibles to develop great shooters. Some players will progress through this stage quickly, while others will need to spend a bit more time to correct some bad habits. You will also learn:

Basketball in nova scotia in the past 30 years

This year was the best as it all ended with a National Championship for our province!!! It was such a cool feeling to win gold in front of our home crowd, with all my family and friends watching.

Our coaches pushed us all summer and made us believe we could win it all. I will never forget this Summer! Thanks to BNS for giving me this opportunity. I will always rep NS wherever I go with basketball.

Each player was a top player from their community working together with other top players from different areas sharing a common goal of team success. It was always enjoyable to see in-season opponents now be teammates and friends for a summer. I have formed many great relationships from coaching with BNS from with players and parents.

I always felt fully supported by BNS with every team I coached which helped make my experiences very enjoyable and stress free. Not only did BNS help me with coaching certification, they gave me opportunities with age groups from UU17 to help mold me into the coach I am today.

Whether it is playing or coaching for BNS, representing your province will be something you truly do not regret.

I feel that BNS offers a great opportunity to young basketball players and coaches in my home province! I believe that BNS Coaches and Staff members are very hard working, passionate, knowledgeable people, and continue to do their best to not only promote and help our young players, but the wonderful game of basketball as well!

I would recommend to any young player that if given the opportunity, they should try-out for one of the BNS teams. BNS offers the only chance for a young player to compete for their province in a National Championship event, as well as the chance to gain great exposure.

I am very proud of my association through the years with BNS, and believe that without the opportunities that were given to me by this Provincial body, I may not be where I am today! Thank you very much BNS for all that you have done for me over a number of years, and I wish you the very best moving forward!

There were lots of challenges along the way but through it all BNS continued to support our mission of capturing a national title which our U17 boys team did in August What an exciting and rewarding way to cap off our BNS experience!

And this after the U17 boys team won bronze in ! One of the best parts of being involved in BNS has been the people we have met and the friends we have made. The basketball community is large and so supportive in Nova Scotia.

This support comes shining through by way of the many volunteers who step up to ensure basketball in Nova Scotia is the best it can be.


From coaches, assistant coaches, trainers, parents, family members and friends; everyone gives so much personal time to make it the best experience for the kids. This was most evident when Nova Scotia hosted Nationals. Seeing all the volunteers step forward and making it what we believe to be one of the best if not the best Nationals in some time.

The enthusiasm and work ethic was second to none. We heard from many provinces after Nationals that Nova Scotia will be a hard act to follow when hosting!!Home» Sports» Thunder heard at holiday classic. The Thunder Selects is an elite-level basketball program in Nova Scotia for girls under 21 years old.

the UPEI Panthers squeaked past. He was an All Conference player and captain for the UCCB Capers and at the Technical University of Nova Scotia. David has been coaching for over 30 years. From Junior Mini girls in Halifax to division 1 high school boys in Toronto his coaching philosophy has always focused on .

Hall of Fame Junior National Invitational Boys Tournament. The Hall of Fame Junior National Invitational is a nationals-like event for 8uu and 9th grade teams from across the country. The event provides all teams with a minimum 3-game guarantee tournament in the . Basketball in Nova Scotia in the Past 30 Years essaysBasketball was first introduced to Nova Scotia as early as but in the past thirty years the popularity of the sport has really taken off.

The high concentration of universities in the province, the tradition and esteem of the high school pr. For many long-time basketball enthusiasts in Nova Scotia, it was only a matter of time.

That feat — the first gold for Nova Scotia in nearly 30 years of . Others like Al Yarr, Terry Symonds, and Frank Baldwin, whose tremendous efforts at the minor, high school, university, and national levels earned him the name Mr.

Basketball in nova scotia in the past 30 years

Basketball. The foundation that was set by these people has allowed basketball to flourish in Nova Scotia on every level.

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