Case studies in business industry and government statistics

Published 21 June Last updated 20 June — see all updates From: The CMA was made aware of this by complaints from resellers. This latest case follows similar cases in where the CMA found that 2 businesses, one supplying commercial catering equipment and the other supplying bathroom fittings, similarly broke competition law by engaging in RPM — dictating the minimum prices at which resellers sold their products online. RPM can also be achieved indirectly, for example as a result of restrictions on discounting or where there are threats or financial incentives to sell at a particular price.

Case studies in business industry and government statistics

We have found the company to be professional, responsive and willing to work with our organization to customize a plan that meets all of our needs. Please contact us to learn more. Evergreen will conduct a full market salary and benefits analysis for all staff 3, with comparable labor markets to support the efforts of the District to attract and retain the best talent, while establishing a consistent and competitive market position within budgetary constraints.

Evergreen will conduct an internal equity analysis by reviewing employee job descriptions and making recommendations for new job descriptions or updates to existing job descriptions according to the function each employee actually performs compared to their stated job description.

Evergreen will further determine if there are compression or inequity issues and, if so, make recommendations for improvements.


The performance audit will include an examination of issues related to the following: Jefferson County Schools, WV: Evergreen will provide the Superintendent and School Board with a process for ascertaining equitable value of position classification on salary scales. In the end, Evergreen will recommend a salary schedule that will ensure JCS pay for every position within the District is the highest among the fifty-five 55 counties within the state of West Virginia.

This includes, but is not limited to, conducting job analysis, rewriting job descriptions, as necessary, and making recommendations concerning classification systems and compensation structures. Evergreen will perform the following tasks: Evergreen conducted focus group sessions with a sample of employees i.

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Evergreen conducted a full market salary analysis with comparable labor markets to support the efforts of LCPS to attract and retain the best talent, while establishing a consistent and competitive market position within budgetary restrictions.

School Administrative Unit 29, NH: In addition to providing details on all findings, Evergreen developed recommendations to improve the operations and performance results of the special education program and student support services. Further, Evergreen developed estimates of costs and savings from the implementation of all recommendations.

Pinellas County Schools, FL: The goal of the evaluation is to assess the extent to which curriculum products and training provided by Pinellas County Schools to targeted student populations have the desired impact on program participants; the extent to which the program is delivered with fidelity to the project plan; and the extent to which Pinellas County Schools shares emerging practices.

Chatham Public Schools, NC: Comprehensive Salary Study Evergreen was hired by Chatham Public Schools CPS to conduct a Comprehensive Salary Study targeted at building upon the strengths of the current compensation structure coupled with the analysis of market conditions and comparative data that assisted CPS in recruiting and retaining both certified and classified employees.

The study provided CPS enough information to develop a compensation structure that was responsive to their stated needs and addressed internal and external equity. Evergreen assessed current payroll conditions by collecting and reviewing in-house data and developed a compensation structure and implementation cost plan based upon those results.

Evergreen consultants performed the following tasks for the compensation component of the study: For the classification component of the study, Evergreen: Davis School District, UT:Get this from a library! Case studies in business, industry and government statistics: CSBIGS..

[Bentley University.;]. Intermediaries – case study A person (later arrested for drug trafficking) made a financial investment (life insurance) of USD , by means of an insurance broker.

Since , the Center for Entrepreneurial Studies at Stanford Graduate School of Business has conducted a series of studies on the performance of search funds.

These studies endeavor to gather data and gain insight into. A report by BAE Systems and SWIFT shows that financial market areas such as equities trading, bonds, and derivatives face more threats than banking, forex, and trade finance. We have developed a model for teaching mathematical statistics through detailed case studies.

Case studies in business industry and government statistics

We use these case studies to bridge the gap between statistical theory and practice, and to help students develop an understanding of the basic ideas in mathematical statistics.

Case studies. My Community Directory app. Open Data case study. State Library of Queensland uses Queensland open data to populate and validate Queensland addresses entered in SLQ’s online membership registration form. Business and industry. Starting a business; Running a business;.

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