Concert report music appreciation

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Concert report music appreciation

Please visit this page again in the future. Follow this link to view Dr. Melissa Colgin-Abeln's sample Concert Report.

Your concert report for Dr. Leinberger will be very similar. Substitute "Leinberger" for "Colgin. Yours will not be. Here is an explanation: The first sentence green identifies event.

The next sentence blue describes the ensemble. The next sentence black identifies a soloist. The last sentence red lists the works on the program. The first sentence dark green identifies the first work on the program and includes the title, composer, and style period The next sentence begins and ends with a citation red identifying Dean as the author of the source from which the following information came.

It refers to Dean's article that is listed inthe bibliography on page 3.

Music Department

The information cited describes the genre and instrumentation in detail. The next sentence cites red the Naxos music library as the source of information. The last sentence describes the instrumentation of the ensemble for the first work. This entire paragraph black is the reviewers observation on the piece as it was heard in the performance.

This includes descriptions of tempo speeddynamics loudnesstexture homophonic or polyphonic.

Concert report music appreciation

Paragraphs 4 and 5: These paragraphs are similar to paragraphs 2 and 3, but describe another work on the program. This paragraph summarizes the author's experience and concludes the review with his or her opinion of the performance.

Each entry should include, with the following formatting punctuation, italicization, quotation marks, etc. Last name, First name.

Name of publisher, Year of publication. Read the "Instructor's Comments on Page 3.The CMT Spring Concert took place at the Wesley Music Centre last Saturday, providing CMT students with the opportunity [ ]. I am a casual listener because I like having music playing, filling the environment with sounds.

I can listen to music while studying and sleeping, and I like listening to music because it can make me relax and ignore the noise that around me. Concert Review Music Due Week 12, April Criteria for Music Review 1.

Attend an approved live concert. 2. Take copious notes during performance. Music Appreciation has always been considered a general overview course about the The instructions for the Concert Report will be given in class.

Grading Outline *The Figures Are Just an Example * 16 Doeinski, John Ro u n d ed Possible Made. MUSIC APPRECIATION. Introduction to the course, objectives: Lecture 1.

Concert Review Outline: Musical Appreciation

Rhythm, Meter, Tempo, Syncopation INSTRUMENTAL DANCE MUSIC William Byrd, Monsiers Alman LUTE SOLO Anonymous, "Kemps Jig" CONCERT OVERTURE Piotr Tchaikovsky, Overture-Fantasy, Romeo and Juliet. Romantic Opera.

Concert report music appreciation


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