Essay courses western

Reformation left a deep impact on the course of western civilization Samir Advertisements: Reformation left a deep impact on the course of western civilization.

Essay courses western

Essay questions are set in such a way as to develop two skills: Research techniques and the ability to coherently organise and present material on your chosen topic. Expression and articulation of your assessment of the research material.

Your essays will be assessed on the basis of your ability to articulate a coherent, well researched and considered response to the chosen topic. You should address the following summarized criteria: Plagiarism and Academic Conduct Academic misconduct includes plagiarism, collusion and other forms of cheating.

Essay courses western

The University of Western Australia defines Academic Misconduct as "any activity or practice engaged in by a student that breaches explicit guidelines relating to the production of work for assessment, in a manner that compromises or defeats the purpose of that assessment".

Plagiarism occurs when someone disguises or misrepresents the authorship of Essay courses western and claims it as his or her own. It can occur in various forms: Presenting, part or whole of another student's essay, design project or artwork as one's own. Copying phrases, sentences or passages from a published source usually an article or a book without acknowledging this by quotation marks and a reference.

Substantially copying design elements or images from other design projects or artworks, such as to misrepresent the substance, strategy or personal expression of the original design project or artwork. Presenting in your own words an idea, argument or interruption from another source, without indicating the of a reference.

Remember always to insert references when using other people's ideas. What are the penalties? Plagiarism strikes at the heart of ethical scholarship, and the School has grown increasingly concerned about plagiarism in student essays.

In addition to being a form of fraud, plagiarism negates the value of essays, designs or artworks as a means of developing independent thought, analysis, design strategy or creative expression.

Unintentional plagiarism will also be penalised. The University views plagiarism very seriously and substantial or repeated plagiarism may result in a student's failing the course or, in extreme cases, being expelled from the University. The defence "but I have done this for other departments or teachers" is unacceptable - it is rather like the driver who, when caught speeding, complains that s he hasn't been caught before.

How to Avoid Plagiarism The best way to avoid plagiarism in essay writing is to get into the habit of distinguishing your own work from that by other people. We assume that unreferenced work is your own, so make sure that phrases and sentences that are not your own are in quotation marks and given precise references, and that ideas and arguments that are not your own are properly referenced.

In cases of concepts or facts that are widely used or known this may not be necessary - for example "liberals believe in the importance of individual freedom" or "Australia has six states". To avoid accidental plagiarism, ensure that the notes you use to prepare your essay clearly identify quotations and have full references.

Details of this style are widely available but are easily consulted via the UWA library website. Read the guidelines carefully. You are required to include footnoted citations and include a reference list. Supportive figures, illustrations used in the essay should be referenced in their titles using footnoted citations.

Essays and assignments will be assessed according to the adherence to these referencing standards. Presentation Formats Abstracts should be included at the beginning of essays. Essay body text should be 12 point, in a clear font, e.

Paragraphs should be denoted by a single extra return you may indent paragraphs if you wish. Please do not use extraneous formatting, such as headers, footers or tabs if they are not necessary. Please include page numbers.

The required length of the essay does not include footnotes. This guide is to inform you on preferred terminology for the School of Indigenous Studies, so you can become more confident in your choices about what terms to use.Reformation left a deep impact on the course of western civilization.

In the first place it led to a permanent schism in the western church.

Essay courses western

The church got divided into Catholics and Protestants. The former placed their faith in the authority of the Pope and the need for a mediatory priesthood. Analysis of student essay writing skills in entry-level English composition courses at Western Washington University.

A Western course may be designated as an essay course if it has a significant writing component (defined by Senate) involving written assignments (essays or other appropriate prose composition, excluding examinations) to demonstrate the student's competence in essay writing.

A Brief Guide to Choosing Electives Lately, it seems like a lot of people have trouble deciding which elective courses they should take. With a big school like Western, there are just so many options and sometimes it may be hard to sift through all the different course descriptions on the academic calendar.

Breadth Requirements. Social Science students need at least course from Category B or C in first year and at least course from Category B and course from Category C for graduation.

The first step in the admissions process is to ensure you are on track to complete both the course prerequisites and application requirements in time to apply for your preferred year of entry..

International Students: We do not require a separate application or fee, and you should be prepared to meet all of the prerequisite and application requirements as outlined.

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