Explaining the stages of communication process information technology essay

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Explaining the stages of communication process information technology essay

The rapid and recent changes in the business field have led to the emergence of modern systems of costing and the fast increase in global competition to maximize the role of cost management.

The precise knowledge of the product cost and its pricing as well as proper planning concepts became more important than they were in the past. Each establishment is seeking to gain a competitive advantage to enable them to survive and continue in the global market competitiveness Abbas, El-Gibaly and Diab mentioned that Egyptian businesses are now working in a very competitive environment in making significant process improvements in areas such as productivity, quality, and innovation because the customer need more product choices, at the best prices, with faster delivery and higher quality.

It is also clear that companies nowadays need more timely, accurate, and reliable financial, operational and information to enable the managers to make effective tactical and strategic decisions about product line development, pricing, product mix, investment decisions, ….

Such information should provide a basis for the managing of customer profitability and improving customer relations.

Explaining the stages of communication process information technology essay

Marx showed that the Traditional Costing TC methods are utilized as a one-figure volume-based cost driver. This is the reason why the old school product costing method alters the cost of products. And this helps the management to identify areas of cost inefficiency as well as recognize the cost which we could have perceived as fixed but, which are in the fact, variable or even semi-variable to the production.

The past decades were characterized by local, regional and international developments and challenges in many aspects, which had a great influence on the economical units working in the Egyptian business environment.

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To face these developments, modern administration methods should be utilized to form radical changes in the method of administration because the Traditional Administration TA methods are no longer capable of dealing with such developments.

The Activity Based Cost methods are regarded as one of the most important of these methods, where they began to be utilized during the end of the twentieth century by Cooper and Kaplan. They used this method in U. A because of the severe competition faced by the American companies where existing systems were not able to supply these companies with accurate costing information to enable them to plan and take monitoring decisions Grasso, Noting that the Traditional Costing TC methods were not suitable to function in the current business environment even though these methods were suitable for work during the beginning of the twentieth century but not nowadays Kaplan, and Johnson, Therefore, allocation of these costs according to non-logical methods including the direct labor hours which was the prevailing base for the allocation of these costs that resulted in wrong Hence, the Traditional Costing TC methods do not succeed in dealing with the problem of allocating additional costs; and to avoid the deficiencies in these methods, the Activity Based Costing ABC methods came in hand to achieve costing characterized with high degree of accuracy of the product or provided service which resulted to an increase in dependence on these costing information.

Abbas concluded that the presence of the open environment and ease of communication between competitors was to increase the competition among enterprises which led to increased reliance on cost management to achieve competitive, advantage and the best proof of that is an entrance to some facilities accounting for the Activity Based Costing ABC system.

Tudose examined the research development on capital structure and enterprises performance. She stated that the effective analysis showed that the expert publications have been enhanced with theoretical powerful disputes. Also, the analysis revealed that anterior research has certain reservations that impose challenges for more investigation.

She added that according to a summary illustrative and decisive concepts, levels, practices, approaches and tools associated with the study and theoretical or practical understanding of the effect of capital structure on enterprise achievement.

The study suggested that there is noticed improvement in the scientific research and accordingly, in the application of the detailed techniques.

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Ungureanu illustrated that according to the general perspective of globalization that is mainly based on information access, any corporation that ignores the advanced methods and wide-range technologies will have no place in such an intense aggressive competition environment. She added that principally the information access is accomplished by the accounts.

So if the company has a powerful system of an integrated accounts, it can easily obtain a high level of decision making efficiency and reach a leading role in its specialized field.

She also stated that directors of enterprises should not ignore the important role of the financial and managerial accounting in influencing the decision making process, as professional accounting is not only used in the archiving process but also in providing information accurately and efficiently which guarantee a strong decision making system.

She also stated that her study, through the findings which will emerge from detailed analysis of the organization way of managerial accounting and cost calculation in a dairy products industry corporation, represents an alternative regarding concrete way that such an enterprise can improve their management and its leadership through costs.

Busan and Ciurlau mentioned that the ABC was accepted globally due to the dissatisfaction of the traditional systems of managerial accounting which led to the modeling of a new system to calculate relevant costs adapted to the corporation productions needs.

Explaining the stages of communication process information technology essay

With this procedure, the assignment, permitting a new vision in the corporation and cut cross vision, turn out to be the center of characterizing and modeling of entity and serves as an interface between the consumed resources and cost bears.

They also added that by that mean you get real cost, based on strategic decisions by cutting out non creative actions and using the basis of allocation of costs it generates activity.

The process of creating a rubric can often help clarify the assignment itself. If the assignment has been well articulated, with clear and specific learning goals in mind, the language for your rubric can come straight from the assignment as written. The title of the essay is “Narrative as Argument in Atul Gawande’s ‘On Washing Hands’ and ‘Letting Go’” As the title suggests, much of the space of the essay is devoted to the analysis of Gawande’s two essays, which become case studies in the larger debate to which the collection is devoted. Essay of cars christmas at the concert essay vogue tonight (essay on meeting friends house) write and essay conclusion in report, english essay in computer rubrics sample essay for writing zonality arguing essay definition essay topics high school yearbook cover a definition essay example mecca.

Hicks pointed out the importance of cost information usage by classifying the cost information users according to use type table 1. Other external users, like shareholders, tax officers and creditors mostly care about the income that is borrowed from their financials, capability to settle financial obligation and tax liabilities.

He also showed that by allocating the overhead costs of by-products, in addition to the unit costs determination, the primary aim of the application was to demonstrate that while using the Activity Based Cost system ABCthe cost management will increase and reach highest levels of performance.

He added that the allocation procedure increased the cost information accuracy and improved the data base for the outcome decisions.

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Johnson illustrated that on various business levels, the corporations management needs reliable information in order to lead the different tasks efficiently and decision making procedures decisively instead of founding crucial decisions on inaccurate data that weakens the corporation and ruin the long term strategies.process.

data. to provide the. information. essential to support business decision making. process. In addition, communication with customers and other businesses is also essential.

Once, this could only be done through a landline telephone, by mail Information and communications technology (ICT) in small business •.

Technology, Globalization, and International Competitiveness 31 specialization and exchange. Eventually, the development of the semiconduc-tor spawned the current information technology .

The information environment is the aggregate of individuals, organizations, and systems that collect, process, disseminate, or act on information.

This environment consists of three interrelated dimensions, which continuously interact with individuals, organizations, and systems. communication, this study will define interpersonal communication as a “transactional process of creating shared meaning and building relationships with another person or persons” (Caputo, Hazel, McMahon, & Dannels, , p.9).

The title of the essay is “Narrative as Argument in Atul Gawande’s ‘On Washing Hands’ and ‘Letting Go’” As the title suggests, much of the space of the essay is devoted to the analysis of Gawande’s two essays, which become case studies in the larger debate to which the collection is devoted.

The Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC) was created in to be a resource for the entire US health care system. 3 In , the ONC was mandated through the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH) Act to support and coordinate efforts to improve health care through the.

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