Make every second count

Sources and References Google now processes over 40, search queries every second on average visualize them herewhich translates to over 3. The chart below shows the number of searches per year throughout Google's history: When Google was founded in Septemberit was serving ten thousand search queries per day [ 1 ] by the end of that same amount would be served in a single second.

Make every second count

A killer buried, but not dead. A curse on Crystal Lake, a death curse. They say he died as a boy, but he keeps coming back. Few have seen him and lived.

Some have even tried to stop him People forget he's down there, waiting Jasonalong with Freddy Krueger. He was an almost completely silent, undead and seemingly unstoppable killing machine. Jason was an iconic madman who haunts Camp Crystal Lake and the surrounding area, driven to slaughter anyone he encounters by a burning need to avenge the death of his beloved mother, Pamela Voorhees.

Jason Voorhees has killed around people. This counts Andy's and Debbie's unborn child, twenty of the people he killed during his body possession spree, Creighton Duke's girlfriendand, in two deleted scenes, an unnamed man in a bathroomand Vicki's boyfriend which some of them are completely off screen over the years.

Jason was afflicted with severe facial deformities, Hydrocephalusan abnormally large head and mental disabilities. Raising Jason on her own, Pamela kept her son isolated from the community, not letting him attend school and educating him in their home on the outskirts of Crystal Lake.

This would eventually lead Jason to respect his mother. He would be on his own without her. In the summer ofPamela, unable to get a babysitter for Jason, resorted to bringing him to Camp Crystal Lake where she worked as a cook.

Jason Voorhees as seen in Friday the 13th While being bullied by the other campers, Jason attempted to escape from his tormentors, but the cruel children caught up to him on the dock and threw Jason into the lake where he drowned.

The counselors were supposed to be watching the children, but instead were talking and having sex in the woods.

Though Jason's body was never found, the camp closed as a result, but reopened the next summer. It was closed again when Pamela, mad with grief, murdered Barry and Claudettethe counselors she blamed for Jason's drowning. Pamela was never suspected of the murders and all subsequent attempts to open the camp ended in failure, presumably due to sabotage on Pamela's part, resulting in the camp being nicknamed "Camp Blood" by the locals, who came to believe the area was cursed.

Jason Voorhees is left drowning while no one else saves him. Life before mass killing sprees After drowning to death, he was somehow revived. Constructing and living in a crude shelter in the forest, Jason seemingly waited for his mother to find him and managed to live in the woods surrounding Camp Crystal Lake for over 20 years.

He lived off the land and whatever he could pilfer from the camp or other parts of civilization. During these years, Pamela never found out where he was, nor did they see each other again until her death.

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In the summer ofSteve Christythe son of Camp Crystal Lake founders David and Louise Christytried to re-open the camp and hired several teenagers from out of town to assist him. Enraged by Steve's actions, Pamela murdered him and almost all his employees with only Alice Hardy surviving.

Ultimately, Alice decapitated Pamela with a machete after a brief struggle on the lake's shore. After killing Pamela, Alice collapsed from exhaustion and stress into a canoe, and fell asleep as it drifted out onto the lake.

Make every second count

The following Saturday morning, Alice imagined police cars coming onto the camp property to investigate the murders, only for herself to be pulled into the water by a revenant form of Jason's prepubescent self.

Alice had indeed nearly drowned, but this was in fact due to the capsizing of the canoe. She awoke in a hospital bed and was greeted by Sergeant Tierneywho said that they found several corpses of adults on the property, and that Officer Dorf and another of his men rescued her from drowning.

Alice was then admitted to the hospital and treated for hypothermia. When Alice asks about Jason, Tierney chalks it up to hallicination from her recent ordeal and replies "Miss, we did not find any boy" causing Alice to remark that Jason is still out there.

Prelude to mass killing sprees After his mother's murder-spree, Jason, having witnessed his mother's death, grabbed her sweater, pants, severed head, and the machete that killed her and returned to his shack with them, placing the objects on a crude altar he had constructed as a shrine to his beloved mother.

Two months after Pamela's death, Jason soon left the woods and entered the town in search of his mother's killer. Jason somehow tracked Alice down to her apartmentsnuck inside and stabbed her in the head with an ice pick after scaring her by placing his mother's head in her refrigerator.

Escaping with Alice's body, Jason placed it at the foot of his mother's shrine. Three years after killing Alice, Jason discovered a local teenager named Chris Higgins in the woods and attacked her with a knifeknocking her out in the struggle. Exactly what happened next is unknown, but hours later, Chris woke up at home with no idea how she got there.

Beginning of mass killing sprees Jason's mass murders began in the summer of when he learned of a new group of teenagers occupying the nearby Packanack Lodge.Never miss another hot celeb story!

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When Google was founded in September , it was serving ten thousand search queries per day [] (by the end of that same amount would be served in a single second). In September , one year after being launched, Google was already answering million search queries daily.

History. Article Two of the United States Constitution originally established the method of presidential elections, including the Electoral was a result of a compromise between those constitutional framers who wanted the Congress to choose the president, and those who preferred a .

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