Merger dilemma paper

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Merger dilemma paper

Brock Crist Running Head: When the two organizations that have been competitors for a number of years are merged it may be even more difficult to address all of the issues and concerns the employees from the two organizations may have.

The new organization will need to provide communication and support for the employees so there is a clear understanding of how the organization will function and the role and opportunities each employee will have in the new organization.

The following will present the needs that must be addressed regarding the vision of the new organization. The capabilities that will Merger dilemma paper required by the new organization and how the employees will fill those needs will be presented. How the merger may alter the culture of the new organization.

The impact to the various systems that are in use by the current organization and how they may be altered be the new organization. In addition, it is important to understand the potential areas where there may be conflict within the new organization.

While it is not Merger dilemma paper to identify all possible conflicts that may come from the combining the current organizations, some possible methods to identify potential conflict issues and possible ways to reduce or eliminate these potential conflicts have been prepared.

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The following primary areas of concern have been identified and will be specifically addressed. The following information will need to be provided to every employee: Everyone in the company should be working toward the same goals.

To achieve a shared vision, we will meet with everyone and inform them of where the new company is headed. We will review how this shared vision will benefit the individual contributors and what part each of them has in our company.

There will be an open forum for concerns from the employees and we will do our best to address any concerns brought up. Constituents want visions of the future that reflect their own aspirations.

Merger dilemma paper

Managers will need to have meetings with groups of employees to find any concerns and to find how each of them feels he or she is a part in the company. If everyone in the company feels included when the company succeeds, he or she will benefit.

If everyone has a shared vision, the company will benefit along with the employees. Capabilities Capability is all of the employees in conjunction with the organization itself working together to make a process happen.

An organization is capable of anything it wants to achieve, but to have these capabilities; they must have employees with the capabilities to make it happen. For an organization to be successful, they have to develop clear strategies for what should be done within the organization the employeesand what should be done outside the organization what they can offer.

The second capability an organization has to implement is alignment with its external business partners Dawson, Culture Whenever individuals work together, and a merger is pending, conflict is bound to happen.

The difference that matters most is how the organizational culture from each company will resolve the conflict. The existing organizational culture of each of these companies has one goal and that is to acquire a significant market share in the industry and compete with other companies.

The culture within both companies is the psychological environment of their attitudes, behaviors, and values that makes them unique. Both organizational cultures include their expectations, philosophies, and experiences.

The rules of these organizational cultures are written and unwritten in relation to their customs, beliefs, and attitudes they are thought valid and developed with time.

Both companies understand that disagreements will occur within the company. The organizational culture of each company as they merge determines the manner in which arguments transpire. Some conflict can be productive and other arguments are not.

One of the most difficult things to change is organizational culture of each company. The resolution to these organizational cultures conflict is to be willing to help, with reasonable balanced point of views, working together, finding the middle ground, and finding an answer of mutual gain.

As the leaders directing this change in the company, the leaders should make time and listen to opinions of the staff to grasp the feelings of the organizational cultures before moving forward.

The leaders will come to terms with their organizational culture and conflict as a normal growing process. The leaders will quickly take care of conflict and the employees can be open with complaints, issues, and ideas.

The leaders should address the cause of the conflict and not surface arguments. The interest is what is important to resolve. These midsized companies have custom designed software packages they have become familiar with and will not like giving them up.

Training and combining both to be most cost effective would be the best solution.

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New or combined security systems will need to be implemented to the merge of these companies.Merger Dilemma; merger of two midsized companies that have been competitors for years Custom Essay [meteor_slideshow slideshow=”arp1″] Your consulting group has been retained to help with the merger of two midsized companies that have been competitors for  · The Merger of Halliburton and Baker Hughes: A Risk Analysis Evangelia Fragouli, Kwaku Donkor may open up for the two firms, reviewing a possible alternative strategic alliance and the effects it may have.

The paper sheds light to strategic dilemma and assists strategic decision making of companies in the above industry. Andrade et al  · Merger Dilemma Paper Merger Dilemma Paper Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx LDR/ - INNOVATIVE LEADERSHIP Ray De Puy 05/24/ Abstract The organizational world is still shaking from the impact of individual and organizational actions that are contrary to the open-ended community standards of Okta beats Q2 estimates with strong enterprise sales.

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Merger dilemma paper

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