Pay discrimination among school teachers

Schools Can Not Discriminate. Both federal and state law prohibit an employer from making employment decisions based upon certain prohibited criteria.

Pay discrimination among school teachers

CPRE has been involved in a teacher compensation projectwhich is examining how alternative pay systems could be used to improve classroom focus and practice and the role of compensation in organizational development. Equalizing salaries in the profession was the motivation for the step system, Odden told Education World.

At the time, female teachers made less money than male teachers, minority teachers made less than white teachers, and elementary school teachers made less than high school teachers. Longevity seemed the fairest way to even out the pay scale. The system also provided incentives for teachers to further their education.

Equal Pay and Compensation Discrimination

Most elementary school teachers had associate degrees; the salary schedule could spur them to get bachelors degrees, and those with bachelors to earn their masters.

Since then, teachers have had no incentives to change the system, Odden said.

Pay discrimination among school teachers

Communication has been a really important issue; that is, how you educate people on a new pay system. You have to explain that it is not designed as punitive.

We need a little more financial incentive. Among the questions under study: Is dynamic pay appropriate in education? If so, where is it appropriate?

Brad Jupp, leader of the Denver Public Schools pay for performance design team, said that its pay system, ProCompassumes that teacher performance and student outcomes can be evaluated objectively.

First thing; talk about commitment and make a commitment to a plan. Take small enough steps to ensure the plan can move forward. Develop a long-term goal. Ensure there is ongoing funding for the plan. Establish clear standards and objectives for teachers.

Make sure teachers are familiar with the standards and objectives.

Pay for Performance: What Are the Issues? | Education World

Alternative Teacher Four alternative teacher compensation systems that are in use or being discussed around the country: Individual teachers receive bonuses based on improvements in their performance.

Knowledge- and skills-based pay: Teachers earn permanent increases for acquiring new skills and applying those skills.

Pay discrimination among school teachers

All professional staff in a school earn a bonus if students meet particular goals. Article by Ellen R.Teacher staffing and pay differences: public and private schools from a relative wage advantage of percent in to a pay disadvantage of percent in 7 Among all public school teachers, “Racial inequality in the 21st century: the declining significance of discrimination," in David Card and Orley Ashenfelter, eds.

So, yes, I agree with the posts encouraging older teachers to try private schools, but the pay is lower, and many of us want the public school districts that offer secure pay increases and retirement benefits. Therefore, someone who has an Equal Pay Act claim may also have a claim under Title VII.

Other Types of Discrimination Title VII, the ADEA, and the ADA prohibit compensation discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, or disability.

The Gender Bias of the Teaching Profession This paper is the forth of ten features for EI’s campaign “Pay Equity Now”.

It explores gender differences among teachers – both concerning the proportion of male and female teachers in different education fields, as well as concerning their salaries. In their paper, Allegretto, Corcoran, and Mishel found that the pay gap between female public school teachers and comparably educated women—for whom the labor market changed dramatically over the – period—fell by nearly 28 percentage points, from a relative wage advantage of percent in to a pay disadvantage of percent in 7 Among all public school teachers, .

In a new report from the Brown Center at Brookings, entitled “Scrutinizing equal pay for equal work among teachers,” we examine inequalities in public school teacher compensation and explore.

Pay for Performance: What Are the Issues? | Education World