Sample cobol program to read and write a file

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Sample cobol program to read and write a file

This program reads every record in a file and does some processing with each record read. Our sample program will just write each record out to another file.

It will not produce a report, nor will it reformat the records in any way. This is a simple COPY program.

This program basically just copies an input file to an output file. It makes no changes to the file. It does not print anything out or display anything.

Here are some other types of programs that fall into the same logic pattern: That would make this a copy and reformat program 3 a program that copies all the records in one type of file, such as a VSAM file, and writes them out to another type of file, such as an ordinary sequential file Here is a short explanation of some of the logic of SEQSIMP1.

The logic shown in this program is the kind used in many companies and has become an industry standard. If this READ is skipped for any reason, the program will loop without end. It typically formats output lines and them writes them. Major logic decisions are normally done there, although this program has none.

Compliments of Gabe Gargiulo, author of several recent books on programming and modern languages, available at nov date-compiled. environment division. input-output section. file-control. select ws-infile assign to infile organization is indexed access mode is random record key is inp-empid file status is ws-infile-sw.

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CLOC -- Count Lines of Code Discuss July Background[ edit ] In the late s, computer users and manufacturers were becoming concerned about the rising cost of programming. At a time when new programming languages were proliferating at an ever-increasing rate, the same survey suggested that if a common business-oriented language were used, conversion would be far cheaper and faster.
List of file formats - Wikipedia The above will output:
FILE STATUS | zingCOBOL Close Open Verb Open is the first file operation that must be performed.

file section. Sample Cobol code: The VSAM File Read Sequentially in a COBOL program Sample Cobol code: The VSAM KSDS, Read Randomly in a COBOL program Sample Cobol code: The VSAM. Sample COBOL program This sample COBOL program is adapted to run under Fujitsu COBOL It uses the input file the disk that accomapnies the text.


sample cobol program to read and write a file

does anyone have some sample cobol code for comparing two files record by record and producing a report on records with same index number but different content, and differences in index numbers?

Hi Experts, I am looking for a program that can read EDI files or to be specific, files of type i. Basically I am trying to parse that file into a text delimited format. Code. Statements.. Description of the Code: ALL. Successful completion: Not a valid File Status Key.

READ. WRITE. REWRITE "DUPLICATE KEY", Indexed files only. The input-output statement was successfully executed, but a duplicate key was detected.

COBOL Sample Program - Indexed File Writing