Singlespeed duisburg

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Singlespeed duisburg

Fast and durable, this solid motorcycle carried Allied soldiers on countless campaigns.

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Assembled by hand from more than parts and packed with details like protective leg shields, foot boards, saddlebags and solo windshield. Hand-painted in olive drab with authentic military markings. A complete array of true-to-life operating features such as brake and shift pedals, operable steering and functional front suspension.

Complete with scale-sized submachine gun with removable ammo clip, holster, ammo box, and cap and goggles. A fitting tribute to a valiant warrior!

Assembled and painted entirely by hand this model has been re-created as a precision die-cast model in 1: Honor the Singlespeed duisburg motorcycle that roared through war-torn Europe. However, almost immediately after the attack on Pearl Harbor and the U.

In addition, the company produced enough spare parts to build an additional 30, motorcycles. There was another unique, horizontally opposed, twin 45 cubic inch engine developed, the XA, to be used in desert warfare, but only 1, models were produced when that aspect of the war was ended.

The WLA, however, was stronger than the civilian model - and certainly as equally reliable. And in one of the most memorable moments of our time, it was the WLAs that were first on the scene at the end of the war when Germany surrendered and the POWs were liberated. Now, the historic military motorcycle is re-created in an exciting die-cast replica from Franklin Mint Precision Models.

It is a die-cast re-creation that you are certain to treasure for many years to come. The front and rear wheels roll freely and the front wheel assembly pivots authentically on the frame at the steering neck.

The rear wheel is connected to the drive chain so that the chain rotates when the wheel rolls. There are two kickstands; one is located on the gear shift side of the motorcycle below the left footrest, and the other is behind the rear wheel that pivots at the rear axle. The rear suspension is cleverly hidden like the original and full travel of the rear suspension can be experienced by gently pressing down on the seat while steadying the model.

The front forks of your model have been fitted with small springs to simulate the fork travel experienced on the real motorcycle. Located on the left side of the fuel tank opposite the exhaust pipes is the gear shift lever.

It has several stop locations when rocked back and forth to simulate the various gear positions.

Singlespeed duisburg

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Arriving by Plane – Travel Advice Airport to Duisburg. Frankfurt International Airport (FRA) which is hours away by direct high speed train and Amsterdam Airport Schiphol (AMS) in the Netherlands. From Amsterdam Airport Schiphol it takes 2 hours by train to get to Duisburg.

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