Stp analysis of mountain dew

Through our operations, authorized bottlers, contract manufacturers and other third parties, we make, market, distribute and sell a wide variety of convenient and enjoyable beverages, foods and snacks, serving customers and consumers in more than countries and territories. Performance with Purpose is our goal to deliver sustained value by providing a wide range of beverages, foods and snacks, from treats to healthy eats; finding innovative ways to minimize our impact on the environment and lower our costs through energy and water conservation as well as reduce our use of packaging material; providing a safe and inclusive workplace for our employees globally; and respecting, supporting and investing in the local communities in which we operate.

Stp analysis of mountain dew

With these products, PepsiCo aims to attract different groups of consumers.


Demographic In focusing on the Pepsi-Cola beverage product, PepsiCo has retained a long history of concentrating on youth as its main target market Generation Next! It has spent billions of dollars in trying to woo the young and nearly young, implying that Coca-Cola is for the older generation.

The reason why Pepsi-Cola has fiercely targeted this market is because it is the largest amongst its users. Market segment profiles have shown that the majority of carbonated beverage drinkers are youth and middle age people. Also, Pepsi continually targets the college market in which they spend huge amounts of money to compete with Coca Cola in acquiring contracts with universities i.

CSUF to have sold representation of their product distribution.

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Pepsis use this behaviorist segmentation has been a key to the companys success. There are two levels in which Pepsi segments its market: Demographic and Niche Niche MarketingPepsi focused on varietal differentiation since by introducing a string of niche products.

To increase volume in order to counter flat coca sales, Pepsi introduced Sierra Mist in to take the place of 7-up and go headto-head with Sprite. Pepsi has also tried to boost volume by introducing products that appeal to specific target markets that it currently is not reaching.

Finally, Pepsi is counteringdeclining sales of carbonated drinks through the marketing and distribution of Starbucks ready to drink products, and the acquisition of SOBE and Gatorade.

The success of Pepsis Mountain Dew Code Red launched in was the most successful soft drink innovation in 20 years and has spurred even more niche product introductions for PepsiCo as well as other competitors.

Despite the large customer base in the Soft Drink industry, Pepsi prefers to segment itself as the beverage choice of the New Generation, Generation Next, or just as the Pepsi Generation.

These terms adopted in Pepsis advertising campaigns are what marketers refer to as Generation X, which are profiled to be between the ages of 18 to Inaddition, Pepsi shifted its focus to the growing American teenage market in the s by forming exclusive contracts with American schools and developing advertising campaigns such as The Next Generation and the Joy of Pepsi, featuring Britney Spears.

Pepsi believes that if they can get this market to adopt their product, they could establish a loyal customer in a long run. Market Positioning PepsiCo plans to further create positions that will give products the greatest advantage in their target markets.

Pepsi has been positioned based on the process of positioning by direct comparison and have positioned their products to benefit their target market.Mountain Dew STP.

Segment. Aerated beverages and softdrinks. Target Group. Mountain Dew SWOT Analysis. Strengths. Below is the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities & Threats (SWOT) Analysis of Mountain Dew: 1.

Strong brand awareness, recall through memorable advertisements. 2. Unique taste and clear positioning attracts a strong brand. E. E -- and E Escape and Evasion/Evasion and Escape EAM -- Emergency Action Message EATS -- Extended Area Test System EB -- Electric Boat EC -- Electronic Combat.

Stp analysis of mountain dew

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Based on the analysis our recommendations for the AD’s to be selected for broadcasting at the Super Bowl are * Cheetah * Mock Opera The recommendations for broadcasting throughout the year , based on the criteria listed above are, * Cheetah * Mock Opera * Showstopper Analysis: The STP Identified by the Mountain Dew Management for the.

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