The economic and social importance of tourism australia essay

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The economic and social importance of tourism australia essay

Essay on Tourism Tourism Essay Tourism is undoubtedly the single largest industry in the world and contributes vast amounts of revenue into any given country.

In New Zealand alone, tourism accounted for Inhalf a billion people traveled worldwide which indicates the huge scale of the tourism industry. And the speed of tourism growth is also outstanding - airplane numbers have increased thirty times since and in the last fifteen years the number has doubled.

And the amount of international tourists is also increasing rapidly. In there were only one million tourists worldwide whereas in there were more than one million international tourists from New Zealand alone Otago University Resource, After understanding how large the tourism industry is and the speed it is growing at, it is necessary to then learn about the associated impacts from tourism.

The impacts are divided into three categories: Obviously the most important impacts that need to be dealt with are the negative ones. Throughout this essay each different impact will be explained and an example provided.

It will also indicate how important it is for a tourism manager to be aware of these impacts and how they could possibly minimise or eliminate any of these adverse effects. Socio-cultural impacts are concerned with the effects tourism has on host communities and the residents.

Travelers can have either a positive or negative impact on a host community but in this particular example the negative socio-cultural impacts on Queenstown will be examined. Queenstown is a vastly growing, popular tourist destination in the Southern Island of New Zealand.

Labeled as the 'Adventure Capital of the World,' attractions range from jet boating to snowboarding to parapenting hiking. Although one may assume the city is reaping the economic benefits from tourism, it is also suffering from negative socio cultural impacts.

Due to the high tourist to resident ratio it is inevitable that residents are feeling the disruption in their everyday lives. Locals are feeling as though their town has been taken over by tourists.


A specific example of this 'take over' is the congestion caused by tourists in Queenstown. Suppose a Queenstown resident wants to make a trip into town to do some shopping.

Extra caution must be taken when driving into town due to the number of vehicles on the road. Also a lot of the drivers are foreign and unfamiliar to New Zealand's road rules which adds to the danger.

Getting around Queenstown can take a lot longer due to vehicles like buses and campervans slowing down the traffic and since there are limited passing lanes driving can be quite frustrating for residents.

Once the resident gets to town they find the streets crowded with tourists and queues at the counters. Prices on necessity goods have been inflated and some locals probably would not even consider buying luxury goods in Queenstown due to the augmented 'tourist' prices Sunday Star Times, Signs on the windows of shops are starting to appear in foreign languages, typically Japanese.

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Even some of the shops are owned and operated by foreigners and the shop assistants cannot speak fluent English. This example of a Queenstown resident's trip to the shops highlights the gradual disruption of a local community and culture. Therefore it is necessary for Queenstown tourism mangers to become aware of these negative socio cultural impacts and do something to either minimise or eliminate the effects.

All of the tourist attractions are going to be more successful if they get full support from the residents. There are various tools tourism managers could use to help manage these socio cultural impacts.

The first step is to assess the carrying capacity of the city. There are only so many beds in Queenstown that can accommodate visitors. In terms of an accommodation carrying capacity, the figure could be worked out by surveying how many beds there are at every form of accommodation in the region.

The economic and social importance of tourism australia essay

The second step would be to look at how many tourists are visiting the Queenstown district and see how essential it is to create more accommodation or attractions. One must remember that the authenticity of a destination can be ruined if it is overdeveloped.

By visiting Queenstown right now it is possible to see how much of a mess the town is in due to tourism development. In order to reduce the congestion on the roads there are two steps that could be taken.

Firstly a heavy traffic by-pass could be created to stop people travelling through town centres unnecessarily. The second solution would be to create more passing lanes where possible to keep the traffic flowing smoothly. And finally the last tool that could be used to help the host community is by actually involving them in tourism planning and development.The Economic Importance Of Hospitality Industry Tourism Essay.

Print Reference this. hotels and restaurant is one of most source of economic growth. Tourism and Hospitality.

The economic and social importance of tourism australia essay

Tourism Essay Writing Service Free Essays More Tourism Essays Examples of Our Work Tourism . The contribution of the tourism industry to economic growth and employment is now being recognised although, in international terms, Australia still lags well behind in tourism receipts.

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He continues this focus as Chair of Sapphire Coast Tourism on the far south coast of NSW. This essay will demonstrate that tourism is much more than a simple trip and can positively or negatively affect different aspects and it will argue the importance of planning before tourism .

Tourism is an important source of income for many countries. Nowadays, it is considered an industry. Tourism is important for the growth and development of a developing country like India.

Tourism is a major economic and social significant that has been recognized in both developed and developing countries. Tourism is the temporary movement of people to destinations outside their normal places of work and residence.

Tourism an Important Sector of Economy Development