Thesis about music industry

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Thesis about music industry

Find an Online Degree: Musicians and vocalists perform in careers that range from short-term gigs on a freelance basis to performing as a member of a symphony orchestra under a seasonal contract.

A successful career in musical performance requires not only talent and skill, but also a firm knowledge of music and music theory. Music performers must continually practice and train to hone their skills for jobs.

While a career in music Thesis about music industry typically associated with playing an instrument, singing or performing, the field of music offers a variety of occupations. For example, music production degrees are interdisciplinary programs that introduce students to the technical and artistic skills for turning raw music into a quality recording.

In school recording studios, students learn how to use digital and analog recording systems, as well as software like ProTools to edit and create music. Most programs also include coursework in liberal arts in addition to classes in music theory, where students learn how to compose their own scores, compositions, and songs.

Marketing classes discuss postproduction issues like artist branding, sales, and public relations. View Music Programs View Music Programs Online Associate Degrees in Music Students seeking an introduction to the basic principles of music performance, business, or education may find a good fit in the online music associate degree.

Program Requirements These two-year online degrees require about 60 credit hours. The online music associate degree may be an Associate of Arts program designed for university transfer, or it may be a more practice-oriented Associate of Fine Arts or Associate of Science.

A high school diploma or GED is necessary to apply; some online programs may also require an audition. Curriculum The core of most online associate degrees in music focuses on music theory and musicianship. Students explore topics such as the fundamentals of music, performance techniques, music appreciation, and music history.

Many online degrees require performance classes or participation in music ensembles. Other online music associate degrees combine an understanding of theory and performance with particular practical music areas.

Online music business programs cover the structure of the music industry, marketing, and audio production, while education courses discuss curriculum development, student evaluation, and instructional methods. The online music associate degree can be used to transfer to a four-year university or as way to enter a few different career areas.

Thesis about music industry

Others become self-enrichment teachers, providing music lessons or instruction in private homes or community educational programs. Associate graduates may find it difficult to become opera singers, classical performers, or school teachers, as these positions typically require a four-year degree.

These online degrees may focus on performance, music production, music composition, or an interdisciplinary combination of topics.

Program Requirements During the four-year, credit-hour program, students also complete general education requirements. Applicants are usually required to have basic music performance skills or coursework, as well as a high school diploma.

Curriculum The foundational courses in many online music programs focus on musicianship and music theory. Students specialize in a particular instrument or set of instruments, such as voice, percussion, or bass. Students are also required to spend time in performance ensembles, such as the university chorus or jazz orchestra.

Online students can expect on-campus auditions or performances; alternately, they may have to record videos of their performances. While students complete courses in topics like music history and musicianship, the core of classes focus less on live performance. Depending on the degree specialization, graduates may also be qualified for positions as music producers or software developers.

Students who focus on education may become high school music teachers. Many online programs require a GPA of 3. Music therapy master's programs require board certification. Along with the academic requirements, students are also required to submit letters of recommendation from colleagues or past teachers, as well a statement of intent.The Online Writing Lab (OWL) at Purdue University houses writing resources and instructional material, and we provide these as a free service of the Writing Lab at Purdue.

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