Tourism and innovation

Translating innovation to development practice Pussadee Polsaram, Sameer Hosany Tea and coffee break Local culture and community development Karuna Yampray — Game-base learning for a tourist to learn Thai etiquettes and customs Maysa Utairat — Thair performing arts and tourism Bailey Ashton Adie — Film tourism and cultural performance:

Tourism and innovation

But there are many other types of innovation in tourism. Here are a few examples, to which readers may wish to add.

This builds on pioneering work undertaken in Canada and Australia over the past decade. Moxy is making the ambience much less corporate, much more individual, offering types of experiences that vary between hotels in different locations.

Innovations in business models — Airbnb is a prime example, of course. The technology is not particularly innovative, but the business platform has been revolutionary — making it easy for anyone to put their available rooms or apartments on the market, review their potential Tourism and innovation and receive payment.

60 Innovations in Tourism

Over the past five years, it has drawn hundreds of thousands of new accommodation providers into the market, driving change in tourism behaviour and causing serious concern about its impact on traditional suppliers and on community cohesion. Now Airbnb has extended its scope to experiences, giving providers an innovative, easily accessible route to the market of independent travellers.

The underlying idea was that the innovative business developments generated in this way would inspire other businesses in the city to follow their example.

Tourism and innovation

Innovations in transportation technology that have made air travel available to a hugely increased audience and provided easy access to a much wider range of destinations around the world.

There are huge changes ahead in land-based transportation, with the expansion of high-speed rail networks and potentially even faster hyperloop transit; and the advent of driverless cars, which could have a major impact on travel by visitors within destinations.

Tourism and innovation

This post is far from comprehensive. Its aim is essentially to stimulate contributions across a broad spectrum of innovation in travel and tourism. If you are not already a member of our Innovation in Tourism LinkedIn groupthat is used by more than senior tourism professionals, you can request to join.The National Innovation and Science Agenda sets a focus on science, research and innovation as a key long-term driver of economic prosperity, jobs and growth.

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The Tourism Product Innovation Fund (TPIF) is a revenue fund, supported through the Welsh Government Rural Communities Rural Development Programme It is funded by the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development (EAFRD), and Welsh Government.

Tourism Innovation Challenge Page Content To catalyse technology adoption for the Singapore tourism industry, the Tourism Innovation Challenges were launched to elicit novel solutions to address the challenges and opportunities faced by our industries.

Week 4: Innovation strategy through mobile technology and social media in hospitality & tourism industry Illustrating the principles and concepts in embracing mobile technology and social media in the context of innovation adoption and application. Tourism is often described as an industry with high growth rates, and it is subject to radical change in how it is produced and consumed.

However, there is still a relatively poor understanding of how such changes are brought about – that is, through innovation. EdX is an online learning platform trusted by over 12 million users offering the Hospitality and Tourism Technology and Innovation Program in collaboration with The Hong Kong Polytechnic University .

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