Washington irving research paper

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Washington irving research paper

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Irving is considered both the first American man of letters and the creator of the American short story. Though he studied the law and eventually worked at a law office, his legal studies were halfhearted; he much preferred writing for his brother Peter's journal, The Morning Chronicle.

In Irving wrote a series of letters to the Chronicle under the pseudonym of Jonathan Oldstyle. These letters gently mocked New York society and brought Irving his first recognition as a writer.

Failing health forced him to seek a change of climate, and he traveled to Europe. In he returned home and was admitted to the bar; however, his legal interest waned. The venture proved unprofitable, however, and the young men were forced to abandon the publication.

In Irving enjoyed a second literary success with the publication and favorable reception of the satirical A History of New Yorkfrom the Beginning of the World to the End of the Dutch Dynasty. His success, however, was overshadowed by the death of his fiancee, Matilda Hoffman, in Grief consumed Irving and his works were never again to be light-spirited.

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In an effort to forget his sorrow, Irving entered a period of fervid activity. He acted as his brother's law partner, helped in the family hardware business, and edited a magazine, the Analectic.

Irving eventually returned to England and worked in the Liverpool branch of his family's import-export firm for three years until it went bankrupt. After years of wavering indecisively between a legal, editorial, and mercantile career, he finally decided to make writing his livelihood. He began recording impressions, thoughts, and descriptions in a small notebook.

Irving's most enduring work, the collection ensured his reputation as a man of letters. Its timing proved opportune, as no one had yet produced a universally appealing piece of American literature.

During the s, Irving returned to America, taking part in a tour of the Oklahoma territory. In Irving became minister to Spain.

Though he enjoyed his role as a diplomat, he returned to the United States to further his career as a biographical writer. His biography of Oliver Goldsmith is considered a particularly fine example of Irving's concise, balanced style.

His last years were spent at work on a biography of George Washington; though overly elaborate and lacking his former naturalness of tone, the work expresses Irving's belief in a glorious American past.

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Irving's funeral was attended by thousands of admirers who mourned the death of an author they loved. Major Works Irving's initial forays into writing were essays that satirized the political, social, and cultural life of his native New York City.

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Washington irving research paper

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